Kenny's Virtual Library

Your Personal Electronic Library

Welcome to the premier of KVIRTLIB. This is the program written to allow you to more easily read the thousands of  FREE books available on the NET!

I love to read the FREE books available on the net. I searched extensively for a program like KVIRTLIB, with no success. So I spent several months writing KVIRTLIB. Now I am offering it to the public, in a demo version.

Try the demo of KVIRTLIB and see if you like it. If you decide to buy the full version, the price is only $14.95 (US). One time registration for lifetime updates, as they become available.

KVIRTLIB is written for Windows 95/98/NT4. (Not tested with 2000 yet). It works with the plain text ebooks available on the NET for free. Here is one of the many locations containing these books. See for yourself, the literally thousands of books that are available for FREE and then checkout KVIRTLIB, the one program designed specifically to make these books easier to read.

The On-Line Books Page

Read the kvirtlib.txt file for more information about the demo before downloading.

After reading, click here to download the KVIRTLIB Demo kvldemo.exe (4MB). This is a standard self extracting ZIP file. Just follow the prompts, and take the defaults. This will install it in the C:\Program Files\Kvirtlib  directory and create an ICON in the KVIRTLIB - Kenny's Virtual Library Folder.

Depending on the response I may open an e-Commerce site so that you can order KVIRTLIB on the NET using a credit card and SSL secure transaction. If I do, I will place a link to it here.

For questions/comments contact me at kvirtlib@hkrmicro.com

Kenneth Richardson