Introduction and purpose of this course.

I've spent 25 years designing with chips and microprocessors. I've always said that it's like playing with a grown-up set of Tinker Toys. Most people think that learning how to make things out of microprocessors is somehow too difficult for the "normal person" to learn and is only for the eggheads and techno-nerds. Nothing could be further from the truth. In the past, it was difficult to gather up the tools needed to do any real work. But I will present you with all the tools you need, that is links to all the places of interest, and all the part numbers. For around $200 you to can join the world of high tech and create things that will amaze your friends and family.

When I was 12 years old, my parents bought me a kit from what is now Radio Shack, that was called the 100-in-1 Lab Kit. It allowed me to wire up different projects ranging from an intercom to a sound powered radio. It had quick connections and permanently mounted parts that could be interconnected to make different things. What I will present here will be somewhat the same thing, except geared toward microprocessors. Most of the parts reside inside the micro controller (DS5000) we will use. Fifteen years ago, I would have envied anyone who had the tools you'll have here for practically nothing. It was a very expensive proposition (we're talkin' thousands of dollars). But a semiconductor manufacturer (Dallas Semiconductor) has made a chip that all but eliminates most of the expense. If you have a PC, and most of you do or you wouldn't be reading this, I'll show you, in simple terms to start with, how to make you're own 100-N-1 Micro Lab Kit.

When you finish with this course, you'll have the knowledge and the tools to make practically anything you can imagine. I promise you that if you make it to the end, which everyone should, you could probably find employment opportunities all across the country. You might even start your own garage based business, like the creators of Apple Computers did so many years ago. At the very least, you'll have learned something that will enable you to make your own projects at a fraction of what they would cost if you went out and purchased them from someone else. Also you might even decide that you would like to learn more or continue further by taking College courses or learning other languages like C. Once you've learned one language (8051 assembly in this case), the next one is much easier to grasp and understand.

I don't have lots of pictures and pretty graphics, just plain information that could change your life!!. I don't exaggerate here. Learning a computer language, and logic in general, will change, forever, the way you look at everything else. It will make problem solving easier because you will learn how to describe a problem in a logical sequence of instructions. The Logical Thought Process learned this way will allow you to better solve problems in everyday life, because you will better understand each problem you encounter by describing them in their most basic terms.

My purpose in presenting this course is to return something to America, the country I love so dearly and which is the most fantastic country in the World, in a way that might make some small difference. By raising the educational level of a few people who might take the time to learn what I have to offer, America in general will benefit. And it is a fact that in the future, the public in general will have to be more educated to be competitive with the rest of the world.

Also, I'm intrigued by the Internet, and the vast amount of information available there. Much of the info on the net is trash. Pornography, misleading adds, and unscrupulous marketers take advantage of an otherwise fantastic medium. I wanted to add something of value (at least in my mind) to the net in my own way, with a subject that I'm very familiar with.

Any information presented here is released into the public domain. I'm not affiliated with any other company or institution that might be mentioned in this course. You may download it, distribute it, and duplicate it in any means you wish. I only ask that you leave it in tact, as it is presented here, without any alteration. I hope you enjoy this excursion into the mind.

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